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Drivers License Restoration



We can’t help with the guns and money, we’re holding on to ours


Lawyers – with THAT, we can help! MEAD LAW is owned and operated by Martin Mead, with three attorneys working of counsel, to cover your legal needs.

Drivers license restorationMartin Mead – often referred to as the GURU of drivers license restoration – has put thousands of drivers back on the road — not tens, not hundreds – THOUSANDS. With a one-price, flat fee guarantee!

Guarantee? Lawyers can’t guarantee results. That’s correct, we can’t, but for ONE set fee, Martin will stay with you until you are fully licensed – not restricted – FULLY licensed.  No matter how many hearings, no matter how many appeals — one fee, and he is with you until you’re licensed.  One fee — what’s the catch?  Well, there is always a catch:  If you’re arrested for a drug or alcohol offense along the way, the deal is off, and no refund.  You can’t get a license if you’re doing drugs or alcohol anyway, now can you? No, you can’t — so, not much of a risk.

How does he do it?

It’s not the luck of the Irish – it’s knowledge of the law, a thorough, in-depth knowledge – not just some guy with a good web site that knows enough to call Martin to ask what to do (yes, Martin gets calls from many other lawyers seeking his knowledge weekly, lawyers who advertise that they are “experts” on the web).  

It’s 30 years of dealing with the Secretary of State and the Courts. It’s having a crack staff. Like having the bench of lawyers ready for emergencies, having long-standing relationships with assessors and substance abuse professionals to give you a fair and honest evaluation, AND researching and writing. Paralegal Cat Perrigo organizing and arranging, taking calls, getting info, putting it together. Then the most important part — knowing what’s coming. Spending some hours (yeah HOURS, not “an hour” or, with some of these guys, a few minutes before a hearing), we do mean HOURS with Martin, preparing, getting your ducks in a row and your wheels on the road.

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